Below is a list of our upcoming events.  In most cases, we can facilitate multiple events on the same day.  Please contact us for availability. 

If you are interested in any of events below, please contact us for more information.

Upcoming Events

​​06/22/2019: Private Event -  Wedding

06/29/2019: Soleco Pool Summer Splash

06/29/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Private Event

06/30/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Windgap Concert Series , Windgap Park 6pm-8pm

07/14/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Hellertown Music In The Park, Dimmick Park 6pm-8pm

07/20/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Private event

07/27/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Plainsfield Farmers Fair, Nazareth, PA 7pm-11pm ​​ 

08/10/20019: Private Event - Wedding

08/10/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Hammerheads, Northampton 9pm-12am

08/11/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Steel Pub, Bethlehem 3pm-6pm

08/17/2019: Upper Bucks BeerFest Featuring "Philadelphia Funk Authority"

08/23/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Upper Nazareth Community Days time TBD

09/07/2019: Private Event - Phila Stand Down

09/13/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Hinkelfest, Firemans Park, Fredericksburg time TBD

09/21/2018: Richland Township Community Day, Veterans Park 9am-3pm

09/28/2019: Private Event - Wedding

09/28/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Steel Pub, Bethlehem 8pm-12am

10/05/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Hammerheads, Northampton 9pm-12am

10/10/2019: Private Event - Eastern EMS Conference

10/13/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Timberfest, Shawnee Mtn 11am-5pm

10/19/2019: Private Event - Wedding

10/20/2019: Pop Roxx Band - Fisher House Benifit

10/26/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Fire Department Dinner Dance, Lehighton time TBD

11/16/2017: Private Event - Wedding

11/16/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Steel Pub 8pm-12pm

​11/26/2019: QCHS Pep Rally

12/07/2019: Private Event - Pulse Inc. Holiday Event

12/14/2019: Brian Dean Moore Band - Hammerheads, Northampton 9pm-12am

​04/25/2020: Private Event - Wedding

06/12/2020: QCSD Strayer Middle School 8th Grade Formal Dance